Strawless Ocean, from the Lonely Whale Foundation

We're Not Anti-Straw, We're Pro Alternatives*

Learn more about ocean-friendly alternatives to plastic below, then apply to receive our Impact Kit to help keep track of your success.

strawless ocean

go Strawless

Reduce your straw use (and purchase) by up to 90%

Plastic Straw Alternatives

Glass: simply straws



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Plastic Straw Alternatives

bamboo: Straw Free

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Plastic Straw Alternatives



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Steel & Silicone: Klean Kanteen

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Plastic Straw Alternatives


Steelys Drinkware

Competitively Priced Custom Printed Straws

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* Some of our allies in the disability community need straws. Anyone who has had a stroke, has autism, MS or another life changing physical issue needs a straw. Please ensure alternatives are available.