Strawless Ocean, from the Lonely Whale Foundation

We're Not Anti-Straw, We're Pro Alternatives*

Learn more about ocean-friendly alternatives to plastic below, then apply to receive an Impact Kit to help you track the restaurants or venues you help transition For A Strawless Ocean.

Remember: some of our allies in the disability community require a straw to drink. For some, plastic straws are the best alternative while silicon, included below, can also suit as an option.

*We're also pro having a small supply of plastic on hand for those that require a straw to drink.

strawless ocean

go Strawless

Reduce Your Straw Use (& Purchase) Up To 90%

Plastic Straw Alternatives

Glass: simply straws

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Plastic Straw Alternatives



Pro-Tip: Paper Straws are Marine-Degradable

K16VSSC-SB - LS - Smoothie At Counter With Lid_square.jpg

Steel & Silicone: Klean Kanteen

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Pro Tip: Keep these Accessible Alternatives on hand!

Plastic Straw Alternatives

bamboo: Straw Free

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Plastic Straw Alternatives


Steelys Drinkware

Custom Printed Steel Straws with 35% Discount Applied

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Hay: Hay! STraws



Apply for an Impact Kit

Remember: Some of our allies in the disability community require a straw to drink. Please always ensure appropriate alternatives are available.