Open with a series of celebrities talking to straight to camera.

DAMON:          Matt Damon sucks. I’ve seen him. He totally sucks.

WAHLBERG:    People won’t say it to my face, but okay, I suck. But so does Adrian.

DAMON:          That’s true, I’ve seen them sucking together. They suck.

GRENIER:        I suck.

SIMMONS:      People don’t think I do, but hey — sometimes, it happens.

BUSH:                          Sophia Bush sucks.

ENTOURAGE CREW:   We suck.   Hard.

ALBA:              I suck  — we’ve all sucked.

BENNETT:       You can win the Super Bowl and still suck.

PERRY:             I sucked today . . . I sucked yesterday . . .

WILSON:         Look, even Brady sucks. He’s not going to tell you that. But it’s true.         

MONAE:          No matter how hard you work at not sucking, sometimes you just do.

5th HARMONY (together):  We know, we know. . . we suck.

Cut to Adrian taking a straw out of a cup and holding it to camera.

 ADRIAN:          Today, you probably used one of these — one of 500 million plastic, single-use straws used in America every single day.

 Cut to polluted water filled with straws and sea life sickened and killed by digesting straws.

ADRIAN VO:    Most of these straws don’t get recycled – you may put them in there — but they go straight into the ocean — polluting the water and killing sea life.

Cut to back to Adrian. 

ADRIAN :         Please, stop using plastic straws.

Cut back to Damon, Wahlberg, Bush and Alba.

DAMON:          I’ll stop sucking.

WAHLBERG:    Matt will stop sucking.

BUSH:              I’ll stop sucking.

ALBA:              We’ll all stop sucking.

Cut to quick cuts of all celebs all enjoying beverages strawless. Sipping an iced latte from a plastic cup, sipping a martini glass, a milkshake, a soda, etc. As we cut quickly from celeb to celeb our challenge appears on the screen.


LOGO:             www.strawlessocean.org