What Are We Doing About It?

It’s time to get people to stop using plastic straws. You can use the power and magnitude of your celebrity in a SXSW stunt we’re calling “Sucker Punch.” We will launch the #StopSucking campaign at SXSW, and follow it with a PSA launch — a big push to get everyone to say “no” to plastic straws for ocean health.


Help Us Go The Distance

Plastic straws are the next plastic bag. Let’s get them out of the ocean. You’re already creating an empire as a 16x WWE Champion, actor, and philanthropist—this is the perfect cause to align to. Become a champion for ocean health, using your power to help change the world for the better.

So, John Cena, will you take this tentacle?

How You Can Help

“Sucker Punch”

At SXSW, we want to make a big impact by literally slapping the plastic straws out of people’s mouths with an octopus tentacle. And we want you to man the tentacle.

At SXSW, we’ll capture video of people getting slapped in slow motion. Plastic straws suck, and we want you to be the first person to get people to Stop Sucking.

Later, we’ll release a compilation video, complete with behind-the-scenes footage of how you got people to literally #StopSucking. A “Sucker Punch” from John Cena heard ‘round the world launches the Strawless Ocean movement.

Why Slow Mo?

Face Balls with Julia Roberts

Face Balls with Julia Roberts

Slow Mo Guys Football to the Face

Slow Mo Guys Football to the Face

Slap Jack with Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James

Slap Jack with Jimmy Fallon and Kevin James

The gifs and videos you’ll help us create at SXSW will be hilarious, but also get the word out. Everyone will wonder where it’s happening and how they can “take a punch” to the face from John Cena. 

Get In Touch

Questions or comments? Ready to jump in? 

Contact Emy Kane at Lonely Whale for further details and next steps.


Cell: 847-525-5303