Spread The Word, Change The World

Did you know that whales are global citizens just like us? They communicate around the world relaying messages by calling to pods circling the earth. Just like whales, we can use the power of the pod to spread awareness to the world. Pledge to become a voice for the ocean and create your pod!

Our influence sharing content replicates whale call frequencies communicating with other whale pods. By sharing content through pods, we can tell everyone why they should #StopSucking plastic straws!

Step One


Become a voice for there ocean! Submit your email below to receive content on how to spread the word.

Step two

pick your pod

Invite two friends with similar social media followings to be in your pod!

Step three

spread the word

Keep yourself and your pod accountable to post on social media at least once a month tagging @lonelywhale, #lonelywhale, and #podpyramid.

Step four

don't break the chain

Encourage the two friends in your pod to pick two friends to join them and create a new pod.


Take The Pledge

post once a month as your dedication to the ocean

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